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Pharmacor is a fresh face that is Australian grown and operated. Established in 2007, we are ranked as a top 10 competitor in the fast growing generic medicines market in Australia. Pharmacor offers a wide range of quality prescription and over the counter medicines to retail pharmacies and hospitals Australia-wide. Part of our success is that we have partnered with leading global generic suppliers to build a broad spectrum of ethical and over the counter generic products, which is growing by the month.

Environmental Responsibility

As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), Pharmacor shares the desire to protect the environment and we are taking steps to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and products over their lifecycle. To achieve this, Pharmacor strives to minimise packaging waste, encourage appropriate disposal of different types of waste and use of recyclable materials.

Our parent company’s manufacturing facilities at Alkem Laboratories are certified with Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 and carry out Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) before commencement of operations. Alkem Laboratories regularly undertakes initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the key initiatives are recycling of waste water, recovery of water condensate, installation of solar panels, and other various energy conservation measures. Please visit Alkem Laboratories for more information.



To provide generic medicines of the highest quality, whilst offering the most competitive market prices, to improve the quality of life of the Australian population.


To become one of the top 5 generic medicines providers in Australia, through a committed professional team and following the highest national and international quality standards.


Trust · Commitment · Quality · Consistency · Respect

Pharmacor is a subsidiary of Alkem Laboratories. Visit Alkem website +